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Amazingly, according to the Office of National Statistics, the amount of people who have ever smoked was slashed by a massive 59.5% in 2017.  One of the best ways to quit smoking is with hypnosis.

The New Scientist magazine conducted research which showed that stopping smoking with hypnotherapy was more successful than other methods.  This included nicotine replacement therapy such as patches and gum, willpower alone, doctor’s advice and other support methods.

If you are still smoking you are now in the serious minority.  Only 1 in 6 people now smoke in the UK and this is reducing all the time.  When you stop smoking with hypnotherapy you can find it easier than ever.  Quitting smoking is the best thing you can do for your future self.  


Quit Smoking Today - Don't Get Left Behind!

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Stop Smoking Hinckley can help you to quit smoking now.

Everyone Stops Sooner or Later

If you are a smoker, it’s likely that you have some concerns about you future health.  You’re right to be worried.  

The future for smokers is very bleak.  Life expectancy is reduced to around 65 years of age.  There are many diseases and conditions that may already be developing in your body.  Sometimes the first sign is a persistent cough or repeated chest infections and colds.

  • Lung cancer
  • Throat and mouth cancer
  • COPD
  • Emphysema
  • Risk of stroke
  • Heart disease

These are just a few of the risks.  So, let me ask you, why do you think you won’t suffer for your habit?  Are you immortal or invincible?  Chances are, you will end up in hospital.  In 2015, 79,000 people died of smoking relating diseases in the UK.  

Do you want your last cigarette to be the one they prise out of your mouth as you are wheeled into hospital for your final days?  Or would you rather take action now, while you still can?


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When you stop smoking you gain so much more:


  • You become more energetic
  • Your body is healthier in every way
  • You stop the premature ageing
  • You smell better
  • Food and drink taste nicer
  • You have more money to spend
  • You gain freedom
  • You become one of the majority

It's official - intelligent people are less likely to smoke!

Statistics show that only 9% of people who have a degree smoke, compared to 21% of people who don’t have any formal qualifications.  When you smoke you are basically showing the world that you haven’t got the intelligence to stop.  You are self-harming and killing yourself and spending a lot of money in the process.  Stop smoking with hypnosis today!

And people in better jobs with more available wealth are less likely to smoke too.

A massive 30% of unemployed people smoke, compared to only 16% of employed people.  What’s more, people earning £40k a year or more only make up 11% of smokers, compared to 19% of people who earn less than £10k.  Isn’t it ironic, that the poorest sectors of society spend money that they can’t afford on this habit, and those that can afford it enjoy spending their money in more satisfying and fulfilling ways.   

When you stop smoking with hypnotherapy your initial outlay for treatment is  nothing compared to the savings you will make in the future.

Find out how your area measures up in the stop smoking stakes.

Wake Up!

Yes, it really is time to wake up.  You need your body to live.  It’s my guess you would like it to stay in good shape for as long as possible.  You want your lungs to work for you and your heart to pump that sweet oxygen around your body, nourishing your cells and all your organs.

Death has a smell, and it can creep up slowly… when you smoke you won’t be able to smell death until it’s too late.

Trust me, giving up smoking will be the best thing you’ve ever done.  Ever!  Book your appointment to quit smoking with hypnosis today.

Stop Smoking the Easy Way

When you stop smoking with me, you will feel an overwhelming sense of freedom and liberation from a habit that is costing you thousands of pounds a year.  And there is no comparison to the peace of mind you will feel once you know you’ve walked away from that poisonous habit.  

Why choose Stop Smoking Hinckley to quit?

  • I have developed my own unique system to help people quit smoking.  You won’t find this anywhere else. 
  • I am passionate about helping people to stop smoking – this is the real deal.
  • You receive a free carbon monoxide test at the time of the session.  
  • I smoked for twenty years… I know what it’s like to feel torn between smoking and health.
  • You can save thousands of pounds each year when you kick this very expensive habit.
  • Hypnotherapy is quick – you don’t have to wait months for patches to wean you off the habit slowly, only to find that you start again.
  •  I have great success rates – I’m so proud of all my ex-smokers.
  • I continue to support you after the session – if you need me, I will be there to help you.
  • Most people experience very few, if any, cravings after the session.
  • You can achieve the mindset of a non-smoker.
  • I am a fully qualified hypnotherapist with years of experience, trained by some of the best people in the field.

Vicky Tunaley, hypnotherapist Vicky Tunaley HPD DSFH BWRT (Adv)

28 Elizabeth Road, Hinckley, Leicestershire, LE10 0QY.  

Tel: 01455 631332 or 0797 054 0389

Email: enquiries@stopsmokinghinckley.co.uk


"Vicky was brilliant. She really makes you feel comfortable and explains what will happen.

I've been a smoker for 25 years and I've made several attempts to quit, but the last 10 days since our session have definitely been the easiest."
Privacy Respected


"After many decades of smoking and 3 serious attempts to give up that failed even with patches, gum, inhalers etc wife and I decided this would be our last ditch attempt to give up. We were being nagged by doctors and knew the reality of our situation so despite my lack of knowledge on the subject and being a bit of a control nut made contact with Vicky to discuss hypnotherapy. We both agreed to just go for it and have an open mind especially as we had tried everything else. Since our first contact Vicky was both pleasant and professional in her approach but more than that she had an attitude of it is already done!

What can I say, felt safe and sound and was soon away with the fairies yet could hear everything that was said just don't ask me to remember it.

Not sure how to describe the giving up feeling against previous attempts other than to say we were not "giving up" rather we were non smokers.The simple words thank you are simply not enough but you know Vicky how grateful we are."
Privacy Respected


"I contacted and saw Vicky at the end of February for the hypnosis for quitting smoking after two friends of mine had been and not only had successfull results but spoke highly of her and the whole experience. Two months down the line I am smoke free and have Vicky to thank for helping me with that so can only echo my friends comments. I found Vicky very easy to talk too and also kind natured so that made me feel at ease, relaxed and totally comfortable at all times so would recommend getting in contact with her."
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"Viki helped me with stop smoking I was addict to niccorette quick mints. I can recommend her to anybody who want stop smoking or have addiction to niccotine..."
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Such a wonderful service, Vicky is a true professional xx thank you xx
Privacy Respected
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